Jen Bearden

Jen Bearden is originally from upstate New York, and attended the University of Delaware where she completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography. (Her work is on display throughout the 360 Yoga website!) Upon graduation, the need to pay bills and seek adventure led her to become a flight attendant for Delta Air Lines. It was there where she met her husband, Jim, and started a family. After moving to Charleston in 2006, Jen decided to pick up the photography business.

Photography proved to be a wonderful creative outlet for Jen’s mind, but horrible for her lower back. At the advice of her yogi younger sister, Jen attended her first Bikram Yoga class in 2008. It only took one class and she was hooked. Jen has been practicing ever since, and started teaching in 2016. Jen is thrilled to be part of the 360 Yoga team.