Ragin Kammer

Born and raised in Richmond, VA, Ragin Kammer began her love for physical activity by dancing for 12 years of her childhood and running track and cross country. She moved to the Lowcountry for college in 1993, and after falling in love with the area, decided to call this beautiful area home. It was during college that she fueled her passion for fitness by teaching group sculpting classes and Spinning©. Over time, between her dancing years and the impact of running, her skeletal system really showed signs of wear and tear. After a doctor diagnosed her with untreated scoliosis, that same doctor suggested yoga in order to strengthen the muscles around her spine. After one Bikram class, she was hooked! Although she is still passionate about a variety of fitness (and still very much an avid runner), it is Bikram that has truly stolen her athlete’s heart. Ragin is also incredibly enthusiastic for encouraging people both in and out of the hot room, as she fully believes in helping others setting and achieving their goals, whether as an instructor or the managing director of the studio. When she’s not at 360, Ragin loves spending time with her three beautiful young adult daughters and her Border Collie sidekick, Capers.