Can I Do It?

Yes, you absolutely can!

All of our classes are designed for beginners. From the initial breathing exercise through the entire series, each posture warms muscles and prepares the body for the next posture. Your entire body, inside and out, will be strengthened, stretched, compressed and aligned. After class, you and your body will feel wonderful!

Beyond the physical well-being created by this yoga practice, the bonus you will feel from Day One is added mental calmness. Each posture, when combined with the heated environment, requires a mental focus that doesn’t allow distraction. You’ll find your mind being held in meditation, without wandering to outside worries or to-do lists.

This enhanced focus can be called upon outside of yoga practice, enabling you to cope with stress and life events with more calmness and mental clarity.

Everyone from the novice to the experienced yogi is welcome in our classes. So there’s no reason to be nervous about your first class; it’s where everyone begins.