The Yoga

Our Bikram style and Flow yoga classes are like no other. Yes, the classes are challenging — you will perform physical postures in a heated room. But with great challenges come great, lasting and dramatic benefits.

You’ll get in better shape and become more flexible. You’ll develop the ability to keep your mind quiet and focused. You’ll discover an exercise plan for life; one that keeps your spine, joints and soft tissues strong and moving without pain.

And you’ll develop a mind awareness of the body which helps you recognize your physical and mental responses to stress. You’ll be able to alter these habitual reaction patterns with healing breath and movement.

This yoga can transform your life.

On the softer side, we offer stretching classes in the form of Yin yoga. The stretches are performed in seated or lying down positions, and are held for several minutes in order to affect the tissues at very deep levels. Stress relief; pain relief; deep relaxation; greater flexibility. These are all benefits of Yin yoga.

As a special treat, Nidra yoga is offered in the last 15 minutes of every Yin class. Nidra is a guided relaxation exercise that provides complete restorative stillness for your body and brain. It is very common for students to drift off to sleep for a few luxurious minutes during Nidra!