Health Benefits

All of the yoga classed provided at 360 Yoga are designed to be doable by beginners and beneficial for all. The Bikram series postures — the traditional 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises — are the foundation of everything we do. It is our core belief that this series provides a unique balance of strength, flexibility, endurance and peace such that regular and proper practice will maintain health and vitality without injury. This yoga will keep you strong, flexible, and capable of mindfulness — safely — even as you age. This yoga is health maintenance, as well a preventative medicine. The goal is overall, lasting health; not the performance of a perfect posture.

The Bikram posture series, and our Flow and Yin classes are different than other forms of exercise. Yoga is more beneficial to the body over the course of your life. Traditional exercise and sports tear the body down with impact upon the joints, which can cause injury and tearing of tissues. Unfortunately, our skill level and endurance decrease in each sport as we get older. Yoga, in contrast, rebuilds, feeds, flushes and cleanses the body. You improve, strengthen and grow more flexible with daily practice, even as you age.

The classes at 360 Yoga are also tremendously beneficial for reducing the physical manifestations of stress. Emotional tension can produce muscular tension, which causes blood and oxygen deprivation and pain. Stress reaches every cell in the human body, and we respond to the stress of life with patterns of physical tension. Yoga can bring not just immediate physical relief, but also awareness of the body and the ability to change our patterns, enabling us to react to stress in productive, healing ways. We learn how to control the fight or flight response. Rather than treating the symptoms of pain or disease, or numbing the body, yoga addresses the root cause — teaching the body how to handle stress with mindful movement. The body is designed to be self energizing and self healing. The object of yoga is not the posture; the object is helping your body to feel great and function fully.