During 2000, 2001, and 2002, my doctor noticed that my blood pressure had begun to drift upwards. My doctor said it was “borderline” and that if it continued medication would be in order. My blood pressure slowly decreased over the last three years that I have been attending Bikram Yoga. First, I got a hold of my breath in Bikram and this enabled me to be calmer during the classes. Then, as this calm became more automated, it spread to other areas of my life, therefore making me calmer in general. — Jim Smith

Two months before I started Bikram Yoga, I was seeing a physiotherapist twice a week for chronic shoulder pain. But it wasn’t working – if anything, the pain was escalating and I didn’t have the power to change it. It was devastating. Then I met a massage therapist who thought Bikram yoga might help. I was nervous about starting because I don’t like being hot and I couldn’t touch my toes. I came anyway. After the first class, the pain in my shoulder was so much better I couldn’t believe it. The postures and the heat are like total body therapy. — Nina

…I started Bikram yoga in April 2010 and since that time my HA1C (Diabetes) level has dropped to 7.1 and I have lost 15 lbs. I have had only one insulin shock incident. My flexibility and muscle tone have increased remarkably in only 3 months of practicing three times a week … performing the yoga postures daily for five months eliminated my need to take insulin or any other anti-diabetic medications! I had required 75 units of insulin daily. Insulin kept me alive, but not healthy… — Dr. Julian Goldstein

Bikram yoga is an amazing practice! It has worked our bodies inside and out and has helped me discover muscles that I didn’t know existed. It has helped both my girlfriend and I get in shape and lose inches in addition to weight. It has helped tone and change the shape of our bodies, allowing us to see benefits over time in terms of wardrobe alterations. We have overcome the pattern of overeating and lack of a consistent exercise plan. — Joel

I walk out of my class feeling like I have really achieved something, and better than I have ever felt. Bikram yoga is like nothing I have tried before. My body has changed – I feel stronger, both physically and mentally. I feel calmer and more positive generally … Concentrating on keeping my balance, challenging my body to move beyond the point of flexibility and controlling my breathing – really takes control of my mind during a Bikram class, allowing me to think about nothing else. — Emily H.

I’ve been practicing at Bikram Yoga Charleston for 5 weeks, three times a week. In this time I’ve lost 9 pounds (I would’ve been happy to lose 5!) and food cravings are gone; my sciatica used to bother me every day, not anymore; cramps in my feet are gone; an old ankle injury is healed; tension in my neck and shoulders has dissipated and I feel better than I’ve felt in many years. — Shoshanna S.

I am not an extremely flexible person, nor do I really love heat but this class has become one of the best things ever to happen to me. I am a female wedding photographer (which requires me to hold a lot of heavy gear for hours at a time and then sit at a computer editing for many hours afterwards.) My job had taken a toll on my back and my wrists. Since starting this class I am able to hold my gear all night long with much less back pain and I am able to edit the images with no more aching wrists. This class has strengthened my body and calmed my mind. — Jennifer B.

My goodness, where to I begin? I will say that Bikram Yoga Charleston has absolutely changed my life! I have been practicing at the Bikram Yoga Charleston studio for 10-months. I began practicing on a pretty consistent basis, however, now, I can’t seem to stay away! — Karen B.

There’s no other way to spend 90 minutes a day that will change your life. This practice will change your body, mind, heart, spirit and soul. — Laurie B.

This place, this practice, these people, have changed my life.

I am relatively young (only 33) and have suffered from extreme neck and back pain for the last 3-4 years. I have probably spent over $3000 on chiropractic care and was going, on average, to the chiro 2 times a week (sometimes 5 times!). After only 2 weeks of Bikram yoga I have been pain and chiro free for 5 months now!! — Jenni F.