Yin and Nidra Explained

As a special treat, we occasionally offer Yin yoga classes! Yin yoga consists of stretching postures. Postures are restful and held for long periods of time, up to 4 minutes. The long, passive holds activate the parasympathetic nervous system (our rest and digest system), and work to soften and stretch our deepest layers of tissue, the fascia. This is in contrast to the work done by the muscles in our Bikram and Flow classes which involve dynamic, strengthening movements.

The key benefits of practicing Yin yoga include increased flexibility, released tension, and the ability to achieve a mindful relaxed state. Yin is such a wonderful break from our fast-paced lifestyles. This class encourages the student to slow down and be aware of one’s stillness. Soft music is played, the room is 90°, and the class is casual. Questions and discussion are allowed within the class.

Our 60-minute Yin classes are immediately followed by a 15-minute session of Nidra yoga. Nidra means “consciuos sleep,” and is described as the mental state between wakefulness and sleep. Students lay on their backs and are guided through a methodical relaxation series. As mental and physical rest begins, students are invited to give themselves a positive affirmation or suggestion to meditate on throughout the exercise. The class ends in blissful, relaxed silence. It is very common for some students to drift off to sleep for a few deeply restorative minutes in this class.

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