Rachhpal Gill

“I learned about Bikram Yoga through one of my friends who had purchased Bikram’s book. I loved it. After that, I researched the Internet to learn all I could about Bikram. I especially enjoyed the 60 Minutes story about Bikram himself. I saw him running around and making students work hard. I said, “Man, I am coming there one day”. The closest studio to where I lived was five hours away. Finally after six months I end up taking a Bikram Yoga class at the North York studio in Toronto when I was visiting my friend. I was immediately hooked at the age of 55. Like Boss (Bikram) says, “You’re never too old, never too bad, never too late and never too sick to start from scratch once again.” And I did.

“The Asheville, NC Bikram Yoga studio opened in spring of 2008. At that time, I drove 4-5 hours to practice Bikram there. I also took any other opportunity available to practice somewhere else. One day, when the Asheville studio owners were looking at teacher training pictures, I told them I had a dream to go to training. They told me I was ready. So I went to training in the Fall of 2008. That was the best time of life.

“I am a dialogue- driven teacher and my effort is always to put 100% of my energy into teaching the class. I am very compassionate and try to never hurt any student’s feelings.”