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(Who’s Ready for 2021?!)
Whether you have been coming to classes recently, or you’re not quite ready, we want to reach out and say we understand how difficult 2020 has been. So many of you have shared with us your stories and experiences, your challenges this year, and your triumphs. You honor us with your personal shares, and we will always do our best to hold this safe place for you. We aren’t exactly changing the world at 360 Yoga Charleston, but we try every single day to greet you with a smile, treat you with kindness, learn your name and what you’re about, and, of course, provide you with the healthiest workout on the planet. Our hope is that you leave feeling better than when you arrived, not just physically, but that you feel like a welcome member of the community, nurtured, befriended, and valuable to us and each other. We strive to provide you a little magic in the hot room, and some compassion in the lobby, with the goal that your day is better every time you visit.
Ongoing Safety Measures
We want you to feel as safe as possible when you come in for class. Since reopening, we have had extensive sanitization protocols in effect. As a reminder, we have also temporarily modified the breathing exercises to eliminate strong exhalations through the mouth. Our basic requirements are listed below.
  • Masks: please wear a mask when entering and exiting the building, and at all times in the lobby.
  • Maintain 6 feet of distance between you and others.
  • The Initial Breathing Exercise, Pranayama, will be preformed through the nose only — both inhales and exhales will be through the nose to prevent the strong exhalation of respiratory molecules.
  • The Final Breathing Exercise, Kapalbhati, will be eliminated and replaced with 3 group verbalizations of “Om” (optional, of course).
  • We will also continue to provide touch-free sign-in, hand sanitizer in the lobby, near the drink cooler and at the hot room entry door, and one-way entries and exits. Hand washing is required before and after class. We also require that with your participation in class, you certify that you are healthy, symptom-free, and have had no known exposure to COVID19. Further, the entire studio is professionally cleaned 3 times per week, and we sanitize the hot room, lobby benches, hand rails and bathroom surfaces between all classes. Absolute perfection is not possible, however, and obviously we cannot guarantee a perfect level of safety. Each student will have to make decisions based on their own personal circumstances and comfort level. We respect all of your individual needs and perspectives, and we will see you when you are ready to return. At that time we will adjust your account to honor all classes previously purchased, and extend the time to ensure you are able to use them.

4th of July Schedule

4th of July Schedule
Saturday 7:00 am Flow Class is Cancelled
All Other Classes are On!
Dear Students, from all of the 360 Yoga staff, we just wanted to say how truly wonderful it is to see your smiling faces come in our door! The year 2020 has brought so much struggle so far, and being isolated from each other has made it seem even more difficult. It is such a gift, a comfort, a solace to be able to come into the hot room and move through the postures we love so well. Some of you are not ready to come back yet, and of course we understand. We are doing all we can to make the studio as safe as possible, and we ask your continued cooperation in maintaining 6 feet of separation from others, and submitting to forehead temperature checks (they only take about 3 seconds!). We appreciate everything you are doing to help us stay safe and stay open! We sincerely hope you can keep coming to class and feeling great! This yoga never fails to bring us back to our basic selves, our basic humanity, and our need to connect with others. Thank you for making this possible!