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A few days ago we sent out notice concerning stepping up our efforts to keep the studio as clean and safe as possible. Safeguarding the health and well-being of our 360 Yoga community is our highest priority. Also at the top of our list is providing you with yoga! Charleston is relatively low-risk for now, and we are nowhere near lock down. Therefore, we intend to Keep Calm and Lock the Knee! We will continue to take every precaution feasible so that we can continue to practice in an environment that is as safe as possible.
We intend to do our very best to promote “social distancing” within the confines of a yoga studio. Here are our guidelines going forward:
(1) The studio is professionally cleaned three times per week.
(2) Doors will be propped open for touch-free access. Use your elbow or hip to widen the door gap without your hands. After class, the instructor will stay in the room for 5 minutes to open the door for each person to exit touch-free.
(3) Teachers will not come to the studio feeling ill, and we ask the same of all students. Any student showing signs of illness will be asked, with kindness, to please leave and come back when well. These are unusual times and we need to make individual sacrifices in order for the world to heal.
(4) Teachers will continue to wipe high-touch surfaces with disinfecting wipes, as long as they are available.
(5) We will suspend the distribution of hand towels after classes.
(6) Yin classes will not provide any shared equipment such as blocks or bolsters. Please bring your own: a throw pillow from home will suffice nicely for Yin classes.
(7) At this time we will not be limiting class sizes. Over the past week, only 2 classes had more than 25 students, which indicates that classes are naturally self-regulating. This is manageable in our large room, and the only consistently large class is the 10:30 am on Saturday mornings. If you want a smaller class on Saturdays, consider coming to the 7:00 am Flow or the 8:30 am Bikram 90. In a pinch, practicing teachers will give up their spaces to allow a student to practice.
(8) Everyone can help by washing hands frequently and thoroughly with soap; staying home if you don’t feel well; avoid touching surfaces as much as possible; avoid touching your face and others (say hello with the elbow bump!); and self-quarantine at least 24 hours after a fever has passed.
We want to give you our most heart-felt and sincere
for continuing to support the studio. This is a difficult and fearful time for small businesses. All of our costs will be the same over the next uncertain weeks and months, so your support means more now than ever. We try to be here for you during hurricanes and pandemics, and we appreciate (SO MUCH!) you being here for us.


Saturday, Feb. 29 at 7:00 pm

You are invited to 360 Yoga Charleston’s First Ever

Yogi Dance Event!

First, we will get going with a gentle moving mediation to calm and soothe the nervous system.

Next, we’ll pick up the pace with some guided dance and free dance to experience the JOY of being in our bodies.

Finally, we’ll end with some sound healing and deep relaxation and just BE. A moment to soak in gratitude.

Saturday, February 29

Arrive at 7:00 pm; Guided Dance starts shortly thereafter.

* Approximately 1 hour     * Please bring your yoga mat


Join Us for the January Warm-Up!!
Get your practice back in gear and
add 1 Class Each Week in January
Put Your Name on the Poster in the Lobby
and place a sticker for each class you take!
1 Class the first week
2 classes the second week
3 classes … you get the idea
Challenge SALE on classes: 
To encourage you to join the Yoga Challenge, we are offering:
1 Month (30 days) Unlimited package for $125 ($25 OFF
Use this package for January or February.
2 Months (60 days) Unlimited Classes for $235 ($65 OFF)
Use this package Jan 1 — March 1 (Warm-Up and Challenge).
We are Warming Up to the 30 Day Challenge! 
30 Yoga classes in 30 days.
The 30 Day Challenge Starts February 1st
Do 1 class Every Day for 30 Days.
SIGN UP on the Challenge Posters in the lobby: Put your name up and place a sticker in the box for each day you complete a class. It is motivating, fun, and keeps you accountable! If you miss a day, consider doing a “double” the next day!


Candle Light Talk:
“Taking Your Practice Off the Mat — Techniques for Finding Inner Peace in a Chaotic World”
Friday Evening, Jan. 3rd at 6:30
In this 60-75 minute class, we will be practicing 5 to 10 minute periods of meditation and learning to apply various techniques to bring your consciousness into the present moment. Come join us and kick off 2020 by learning tools for a peaceful and joyous new year!
This talk will be presented by 360 Yoga and James Halsey. James is a certified yoga instructor who has been practicing various forms of yoga and meditation for over 20 years. His experience includes living for 4 years within monastic communities, both Zen and Hindu, with an emphasis on Zazen sitting meditation. James is also a musician and artist who brings a creative approach to spiritual practice and teaching. James is passionate about spreading the techniques that have led him to his new found outlook on life.
Sign Up for This Special Class in the Studio
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