Let’s face it, the summer can be chaotic and less conducive to your 

normal workout schedule. We’re here to help!

Join the 10-WEEK SUMMER CHALLENGE  and commit to at least

1 Class Per Week

Or, more than 1 if you like.

We want to help you get your yoga this summer!

Classes are ON SALE for the 10-WEEK SUMMER CHALLENGE

Get $20 off a pack of 10 Classes


Get $35 off a pack of 20 Classes —

Click Below to Get the Sale:

10 Class Pack

20 Class Pack


Starts:  June 4th

Ends: August 12th

Participation is Free and Fun


If you complete your challenge, for example, 2 classes per week for all 10 weeks, then we have something that we hope will keep you motivated:

$$   Discounts on your next Class package   $$

Completing 1 Class per week earns you 10% off your next class pass

Completing 2 Classes per week earns you 20% off your next class pass

What if I have AutoPay or an Annual Pass?

We want to reward you, too!

If you complete your 10-WEEK SUMMER CHALLENGE, you will earn

$25 OFF your next payment, and a Free Guest Pass

 for anyone of your choice, even current students.

SIGN UP on the Challenge Poster in the lobby: Put your name up and place a sticker in the box for each day you complete a class. It is motivating, fun, and keeps you accountable! 


SOUND HEALING CLASS  on Wed, Aug. 11 at 7:00 pm

Presented by Austin Shook, of Alignment Sound Energy

He’s coming back to 360 Yoga Charleston! This event usually sells out, so don’t hesitate to get your spot.

“Austin Shook gives a powerful, transformative sound healing experience. He is truly talented and unique. I attended this event in January, and I was feeling very stressed, anxious and overwhelmed at the time. Somewhere in the middle of all those powerful sounds, I got transported to a peaceful, happier place. The vibrations of the instruments seemed to expel my negative energy and left me feeling relaxed, energized and capable of carrying on with positivity. I can’t promise your experience will be that profound, but I know it will be wonderful, and you will be glad you did it.” — Hannah Dodson

Sound is vibration that touches every part of our physical being. Sound is heard not only through our ears but through every cell in our bodies. Come let the unique tones of unusual instruments initiate healing processes and create the perfect state for deep meditation, creative thinking and intuition. Wake up your ability to hear and feel as you bathe in the sounds of singing bowls, the Handpan, flutes, gongs, and many more instruments. Let go and simply receive the harmonies and vibrations washing over you. All you have to do is lie still and enjoy.

Join us for this unique event on Wednesday, 

Aug. 11th at 7:00 pm

$40, Space is Limited, Sign Up early!

Book the class with the MindBody App, or call 843.884.3737

Use the MindBody App to Sign Up for Classes

Download the MindBody App for the easiest way to:
Book a class
See your waitlist status
Cancel your class
Buy a Class Package
Access your account
How Will I know if I am moved off the Waitlist
and Into the Class?
If you have been moved off the waitlist, you will receive an automatic text asking you to confirm your spot in class by responding Y or N. Please do so as quickly as possible. Be courteous to the next yogi in line!
The text will come from the following number:
(843) 396-3328
Save it in your phone as “360 Yoga Waitlist Alert!”
You can also check the MindBody App to see if you have been moved into class.
Cancelling a Class Reservation
If you cannot attend a class that you have already booked, please cancel your reservation with the Mindbody App. Cancelling with the App is easy and efficient, and it helps give another student the opportunity to take class.
** Cancellation Window **
360 Yoga Charleston allows you to cancel your class up to 4 hours prior to class time without a penalty. If you cancel your class less than four hours prior to class, or don’t show up for class, then you will be charged for that visit. If you are on an unlimited pass, then you will be charged $15.

Thanksgiving Schedule & BLACK FRIDAY SALE

All Classes are ON
THANKSGIVING, NOV. 26 ** Special Times **
7:30 am Bikram 90 min.
9:30 am Bikram 60 min.
All Classes are ON
Sale  Sale  Sale
15% OFF Class Packages
Discounts on Clothes, Mats, Water Bottles
Get Your Gift Certificates for the Holidays!
** Class Sales Available ONLINE (Nov. 23 – Nov. 28), by PHONE 843.884.3737 

4th of July Schedule

4th of July Schedule
Saturday 7:00 am Flow Class is Cancelled
All Other Classes are On!
Dear Students, from all of the 360 Yoga staff, we just wanted to say how truly wonderful it is to see your smiling faces come in our door! The year 2020 has brought so much struggle so far, and being isolated from each other has made it seem even more difficult. It is such a gift, a comfort, a solace to be able to come into the hot room and move through the postures we love so well. Some of you are not ready to come back yet, and of course we understand. We are doing all we can to make the studio as safe as possible, and we ask your continued cooperation in maintaining 6 feet of separation from others, and submitting to forehead temperature checks (they only take about 3 seconds!). We appreciate everything you are doing to help us stay safe and stay open! We sincerely hope you can keep coming to class and feeling great! This yoga never fails to bring us back to our basic selves, our basic humanity, and our need to connect with others. Thank you for making this possible!