Let’s face it, the summer can be chaotic and less conducive to your 

normal workout schedule. We’re here to help!

Join the 10-WEEK SUMMER CHALLENGE  and commit to at least

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Or, more than 1 if you like.

We want to help you get your yoga this summer!

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If you complete your challenge, for example, 2 classes per week for all 10 weeks, then we have something that we hope will keep you motivated:

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What if I have AutoPay or an Annual Pass?

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SIGN UP on the Challenge Poster in the lobby: Put your name up and place a sticker in the box for each day you complete a class. It is motivating, fun, and keeps you accountable! 

ESAK GARCIA coming Oct 10th

Esak Garcia is Coming to 360 Yoga!

We are thrilled to announce that on Oct. 10, Esak will be offering a 26&2 Posture Clinic, and his signature e84 90-minute class! This is a rare opportunity and it will sell out, so act fast.

1:30 – 4:00 Posture Clinic on the Bikram 26&2 series

4:30 – 6:00 e84 Class

Clinic and Class: $85

Class Only: $35 (priority given to Clinic participants)



Who is Esak and What is this Event?

Esak Garcia is a world class yoga practitioner, competitor, training leader, and teacher. He is the most respected teacher in the Bikram community, period. The 26&2 Bikram posture series forms the basis of his classes, workshops and trainings. He is in demand all over the globe and we are tremendously happy to have Esak provide his expertise at our studio!

Posture Clinic

In the clinic Esak will cover the common basis of the hatha yoga postures in our Bikram practice. Additionally he answers your questions about specific posture techniques, and breaks them down into their crucial elements. 

e84 Class

This class is open to anyone with a basic foundation in the 26&2 postures — and that means you! This is NOT an advanced class. The e84 class goes just a little step beyond the traditional series, explores some movement in the warm up, and brings a little challenge to try something new!


a student’s poem, published here with our sincere thanks

Bikram Yoga

When I am happy
I go to Bikram Yoga.
When I am unhappy
I go to Bikram Yoga
Because it will make me happy.

When my body is fit
I go to Bikram Yoga
And enjoy stretching and bending
As far as I can.
When my body aches,
I go to Bikram Yoga
Because it alleviates or dissolves all pain
From headaches, back pain, to digestive issues,
Just to name a few.

When I feel joyful
I go to Bikram Yoga
And share a few words with someone who just seems to need them.
When I feel sad and lonely
I go to Bikram Yoga
Because there is always a teacher or a student with a warm smile or a few caring and wise words.

Even though I started Bikram Yoga
At age 58 with no ballet or gymnastic experience and a stiff body,
I discovered within a few weeks that my body could stretch and hold postures I had thought would take three lifetimes.

Even though I have a slim body, I still lose a couple of pounds when I attend classes 3-4 times  a week.  It is an intense and powerful practice.

Bikram Yoga boosts the metabolism, restores the body flexibility, improves memory and sleep, centers the mind (or you lose the balance in the posture), grounds the whole person, and brings peace.

Right after each class, my posture is straighter, my skin glows, and I have much more physical and mental energy to complete my to-do list of the day.

Bikram Yoga changed my life for the better.
Just try it!

There is no better day than a day with Bikram Yoga.



Wendy Westmorland will be teaching a Master Class at Bikram Yoga Charleston on Saturday, June 23, 2018. The Master Class will encompass all 26 postures with extra instruction in between sets. The class will be heated normally, and may last slightly longer than 90 minutes.

More details to come … Plan to attend!

ACT FAST – Only a Few Spots Left

Act FAST — Only a Few Spots Open for the Posture Clinic and/or Class with 
Esak Garcia on April 28th
Saturday, April 28th
Posture Clinic 10:30 – 1:30
“Intermediate” Class 3:30 – 5:00
$90 for Both the Clinic and Class  
$30 for Intermediate Class only
Call 843.884.3737 to sign up TODAY
— This is an Amazing Price for the Opportunity to learn from a World Class Yogi
Esak’s Words on the Posture Clinic: “Attending a workshop is an opportunity to bring information and insight to your practice. It is a chance to put greater thought and self awareness of the body parts we use into each posture. You will have the chance to ask questions and discuss yoga topics that are important to you. Attending a workshop is a great way to re-energize your practice, and find new inspiration for your time on the mat.”
Esak’s Description of the “Intermediate” Class: “For those of you unfamiliar with the e84 Intermediate class I will be leading in Charleston, it is a heated 90 minute class that builds on the foundation created by the 26&2, known as Bikram Yoga. In this class we’ll begin to introduce new ideas and develop body parts for postures that require skills like arm balancing, leg over the head, deep backbends and lotus. No advanced skills are needed to participate in this class, but comfort practicing 26&2 and a desire to expand are essential. This class prepares students for the 84 class, from which the 26&2 was derived. During the class, you will perform all of the 26&2 series postures that you already know; we also expand into new postures and variations. Each e84 class has a slightly different focus in terms of the skills and body parts we are addressing. By developing awareness of your postures and different parts of your body, you’ll get new ideas to take back to your 26&2 practice. The parts of class with which you’re familiar will move more quickly, with less instruction; new ideas will be taught more thoroughly.”
Sign Up TODAY … 
In the studio,
or call 843.884.3737
We are so lucky to have Esak come to our studio. You don’t want to miss this!