New Yin Class on Fridays! 
Starting next week, July 3rd, Yin will be offered Mondays, Wednesdays AND FRIDAYS!  All Yin classes start at 11:15 and are 60 minutes long.  
If you have never tried this peaceful, calming, rejuvenating class, you owe it to yourself to break away on your lunch hour and give it a try.  Yin consists of stretching postures held for 2 to 4 minutes.  Soft music is played during class. It is a casual atmosphere and students are encouraged to ask questions if they like.  The room temperature is lowered to “warm” — just enough to facilitate the softening and elasticity of the muscles and facia.
The last 15 minutes of class is devoted to Nidra Yoga, a guided relaxation and self-affirming practice.  It is an incredibly calming and transformative experience.  All you do is lay flat on your back, listen, and enjoy.  You need to try this!