Holiday Yoga Gifts

It’s Gift Season!
This year we have 4 Gift Package
options to choose from:
Intro Month for $50
— Save $15 —
Get an Intro Month for a friend and surprise her/him with
a gift that lasts for 30 days
(and maybe even forever)!
Intro Month + Way Mat $105
— Save $25 —
(Offer does not include Extra Long Breathe Mats)
Intro Month + NEO Mat $95
— Save $25 —
Intro Month + Yoga Towel $80
— Save $27 —
A yoga gift is truly unique and from the heart …
the Holidays are coming!
Call or come in to purchase.

Rewards for 30-Day Challengers!

If you participated in the 30-Day Challenge,
please come in and claim your reward!
Take home a bran new coffee mug and pick out a free t-shirt, tank, or cap.

Mugs will also be on sale for $10 each, or 2 for $18.
Now you can enjoy your morning coffee with a reminder that
you are an amazing, strong, and dedicated Bikram Yogi.

So … Challenge Complete; What’s Next?
With the Challenge finished, and New Year’s resolutions fading, it might be time to recommit to some regular, sustainable practice goals. This is the time of year when we follow up the daily practice with an intention to build on the success created thus far. Don’t let all of your hard work go to waste! If you have increased your normal routine, challenge yourself to use that strength and stamina to maintain this higher level with consistency.
We can help you: The 4 x 4 Challenge is right around the corner!

The 4 x 4 Challenge: Complete 4 classes per week, for 4 weeks.
Starts: Monday, March 13th.
Motivation: Come to the Esak Garcia Workshop on March 11, and get energized to improve all of your postures and get more out of each class.

Esak’s Workshop is March 11th

There are a few spaces left for this rare opportunity!
Don’t miss out. Esak’s knowledge, experience, and kindness will benefit your practice and your inner-yogi. Learn from the very best; Be inspired by a true leader in the yoga world.

Come in or call 843.884.3737 to sign up.


On Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving, we will be having our Biggest Black Friday Sale Everrrrrrrr! Just about everything will be on sale, including classes, clothes, mats, water bottles. Gift Certificates available.

Come in for class and take a moment to start your holiday shopping! Friday classes are 8:30, 10:30 and 4:30. Saturday classes are 8:30 and 10:30. The lobby will be open for shopping between classes AND until 1:30 on Friday and Saturday.

Some class sales will be available online. You can also call Hannah at 843.884.3737 to make a purchase over the phone.

Hot Tip: If you are hoping to RECEIVE a BYC gift this year, forward this email to your spouse, friend, etc!

Holiday Party…
All of us at BYC would love to share a little holiday cheer with you, our wonderful, beloved and treasured students! Please mark Saturday, December 17, on your calendar for an evening social. We had so much fun last year and we hope it’s even bigger and better this season. Bring a date! Even if you have been absent from the hot room lately, we hope you will join us!

Giving Tuesday…
Look for a chance to be charitable with your friends at BYC this holiday season. On Nov. 29, “Giving Tuesday,” BYC will be encouraging donations of FOOD to the Low Country Food Bank (1 in 4 SC children are affected by hunger).


YOLOHA CORK MATS ARE IN! Ecofriendly cork tops and recycled rubber backing make these mats grip the floor, grip your feet, lie flat, antimicrobial, and easy to clean. They are AWESOMMMMME. And the company is a local family. Thank you to our friends at Yoloha Yoga! See you in the hot room!

New Clothes; New Challenge; New Music Class

Do the Challenge!
Stay Stretchy this Summer!
The Summer Stretch Challenge starts tomorrow! There is no cost or obligation. Just come in, sign up on the poster in the lobby, and earn your first sticker! With this challenge you can customize your summer goals:

From June 1st until August 29th — 90 days — you can
Select Your Summer Stretch with 3 options:

30 Classes in 90 Days (1 class every 3 days)
45 Classes in 90 Days (1 class every other day)
60 Classes in 90 Days (2 classes every 3 days)

This challenge allows you to set a class frequency that will maintain your consistent practice through the summer months — but not burn you out like the hot summer sun.

To further motivate your Summer Stretch, we are offering a 15% discount on the 30 Class Package. For challenge participants, you may purchase up to 2 discounted 30 Class Packages, at the reduced rate of $255 each.

NEW Clothes in Stock!

LaLa Land tops and Capri’s. Shakti shorts. And shorts and tops in our new favorite label, K Deer. We also have MEN’S SHORTS: 2 lengths; Solid black and multi-color print.
By popular demand … (drum roll …), the Friday 4:30 class will be led with minimal instruction and soft music! What a nice way to end the week. The teacher will practice with the students, announcing the start of each posture, and using the word, “change,” to indicate the transition. We have done this a few times recently, and it’s been a lot of fun. Starts this Friday at 4:30! See you there!