Hanna Dodson Announces Ownership of Bikram Yoga Charleston

I am excited to tell you that, as of today, I am the new owner and director of Bikram Yoga Charleston. Things are about to change around here.

I want to improve your entire experience at the yoga studio. My staff and I are driven by the following core values: Kindness; Service; and Family. We plan to make Bikram Yoga Charleston a place that welcomes and cares for you, a place where you love to practice, and a place where you are excited to bring your friends.

At the top of the priority list is your experience in the hot room. I know we have lost clients due to critical, harsh and/or inflexible teaching styles. That is in the past. The teachers at Bikram Yoga Charleston will provide professional, consistent and kind instruction. We are an encouraging group that cares about both, your long term practice goals, and how you feel today. We want you to be positively challenged during the 26 and 2 series, and feel rewarded and gratified in your final Savasana posture.

Quality service is something you should expect. We will provide you with a clean, attractive and well stocked studio. We will get you set up with what you need for class. The teaching schedule will be published at least a week in advance. In addition to mats, towels and water, new clothes and products will soon be available. If you are new to the practice, we will make you welcome and try to put your mind at ease as you step into something new. We will provide polite attention to your account and try our best to accommodate your needs.

We will work very hard to cultivate a culture of family. We all practice together. We breathe, move, struggle and achieve as one. I want you to feel welcomed at the door, supported in the hot room, and pampered after your practice.

Not everything can be achieved overnight. But, the above describes my vision for where we are going. So lock your knee and come with me on this journey!

I’m looking forward to seeing you in the hot room.

Hannah Dodson
Owner/Director, Bikram Yoga Charleston, a Division of Egret Services, LLC