News Concerning the Downtown Bikram Charleston Studio

Dear Bikram Practitioners,

The previous owners of Bikram Yoga Charleston have permanently closed the downtown studio. As the new studio owner, this is my first opportunity to share this unfortunate news. I am tremendously disappointed by this situation.

During May and June of this year, I had been negotiating with the previous studio owners to purchase both locations, Mt. Pleasant and Downtown. It was my intention to own and direct the yoga studios at both locations indefinitely.

In early June, however, an insurmountable conflict arose between the Downtown building owner and the previous owners of Bikram Yoga Charleston. The building owner no longer wants a yoga studio to operate in the building. Although the previous owners made efforts to resolve the conflict, the situation has proved to be unsolvable.

I have therefore been prevented from buying or operating the Downtown location, as I had originally planned. I know that many of you are terribly unhappy that your practice cannot continue at that location. I am sorry for that as well. Further, I understand your frustration at not receiving this news sooner. It would have been my choice to inform clients as soon as the situation became permanent, however, it was neither my decision, nor my information to share.

Looking forward, I plan to make the Mt. Pleasant location the very best place to practice yoga in the low country. Although I know it will be more challenging, I hope that you Downtown regular practitioners are able to continue your practices
as often as possible in Mt. Pleasant. I will gladly extend your current packages to give you extra time to complete your classes. My staff and I will be very happy to see you walk in the door and join us in the Mt. Pleasant hot room.

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