Aylin Konhilas

Aylin is originally from Ann Arbor, Michigan but was never able to acclimate to the cold winters. She has always preferred the heat, so naturally, Aylin fell in love with hot yoga at her very first class in 2002.  At the time, she was a full time real estate agent in Chicago and the Bikram Yoga studio offered her a place of great solace and rejuvenation.  Eventually, Aylin decided to dedicate her life to helping others through yoga.  She attended Bikram Yoga Teacher Training in Acapulco in the fall of 2008 and immediately started teaching full time in Chicago and Naperville, Illinois.  It was one of the most rewarding decisions she ever made.  Aylin was later trained in Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga, prenatal and Power Yoga.  Although Aylin branched out to other styles of yoga, her true love is Bikram Yoga.  She firmly believes that the series of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises provides extraordinary therapeutic benefits to the body, mind and spirit.  

Finally departing from the harsh Chicago winters, Aylin moved to Charleston in 2016 with her family and absolutely loves her new home and studio.  It has always been important to Aylin to continue her personal and spiritual growth.  She continues to learn more by reading and attending classes and workshops.  Most recently she became a Reiki Practitioner.