Lisa Hudd

Lisa has been passionate about fitness since she can remember –  from swim and cross-country teams in high school to being an avid runner and weight lifter through university. It was while living in Brighton, England and working in a high-stress corporate environment and needing something new that she tried out Bikram Yoga in 2005, and she was immediately hooked.

Since moving back to the US a few years ago, Lisa made a career transition from the corporate IT world into health and wellness. She trained as a hot and flow yoga instructor in 2017, obtaining a 500 hour yoga certification.  She is also a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and an Academic Life Coach – both through accredited international health coaching programs (ICF). She enjoys ongoing education in this field and has continued her education with yin yoga, gut health, and myofascial release advanced courses. She loves to combine yoga, meditation, and nutrition to pull together different aspects of health and be able to provide a well-rounded approach to teaching classes and workshops.

Her favorite aspects of yoga are the development of self-awareness, stillness, and peace that float into all other aspects of life. She believes fully in the rich healing powers of yoga. The students in our studio never fail to impress her with their dedication to their practice.  She is deeply honored to be a new member of this strong team.