To our very dear yoga family,

I am writing to let you know about some upcoming changes to the class schedule. Our primary goal in making these adjustments is to provide classes at the times most convenient for you, our wonderful students. Our secondary, but also very important, goals are to provide more variety in class times and class lengths, and to ensure a sustainable business model.

A notable change is the addition of 60 minute Bikram classes! We understand that a longer class does not fit in on some days, and hopefully a 60 minute class will be a good alternative. We have also placed this shorter class on the schedule during lunch hour on Tuesdays and Thursdays, to provide a quick Bikram blast in the middle of your day. The 60 minute class is also offered at other times.

Thank you for helping this process by answering the survey, and by answering the questions on the chalk boards! Please know that many hours, long discussions, analysis of the recent survey, analysis of class attendance over the last 24 months, much consideration and reconsideration — have all gone into placing every single class on the new schedule. Some class times will not be offered as often, but this will make for more consistent and full classes on the new schedule. It has been a complicated and intricate balancing process. I truly hope it works for you!

Starting Monday, April 10:

B90 = Bikram Yoga 90 minute class. The traditional series of 26 asanas with 2 breathing exercises. Heated room. 90 minutes. The complete and total Bikram formula for health and well being.

B75 = Bikram Yoga 75 minute class. Heated room, same intensity as 90 minute series, just a little quicker to get you to work or home on time. This class flows the standing separate leg postures and the spine strengthening series with less recovery savasana. Adding this flow aspect intensifies the cardiovascular workout for the practitioner. Heated room. More moderate heat in the early morning hour.

B60 = Bikram Yoga 60 minute class *New* Very popular in many Bikram studios, this 60 minute series is quick paced with the emphasis on effort, stamina, and mental focus. With very little modification to the original series the practitioner will work the mind/body to it’s maximum in this hour long heated class. All original postures included, some with single sets.

BSM = Bikram Silent Class with Music, limited instruction. This is the 90 minute class, minus full instruction, which shortens the overall time to approximately 75 minutes. For the Bikram practitioner with 10 classes under your belt. This class moves through the full 26 and 2 series to meditative music without instructor dialogue. The instructor will practice with students or will opt to move through the room gently adjusting practitioners. A very meditative class ambiance helping to lead the non-novice practitioner into deeper mind body awareness. Heated room.

Y = Deep Stretching class with Nidra Yoga (guided relaxation), 60 minute class. Practiced in a warm room, with soft lighting and gentle instruction. Informal atmosphere, questions during class welcome. Yin poses are held for at least several minutes allowing deep stretching of the connective tissue around a joint. This class will help the practitioner to target problem areas and injuries in a very safe, concentrated way, giving relief and greater range of movement over time. Deeply restorative and a wonderful compliment to the Bikram series.

P = Pilates full body workout, moderate heat, 60 minute class. Focused, precise movement that targets core strength, along with toning hips, thighs, as well as arm and shoulder muscles. Strength training combined with safe, non-impact cardio movement. Upbeat, energetic instruction and music make this hour long class fly!
So, let’s jump in on April 10th!  Change can be good! Shake up your normal routine, try a 60 minute class, or try class at lunch time. My hope is that you, as a BYC yogi, can find health and happiness in our space, in these classes, and that you can carry that with you into your life.