The February 30-Day Challenge is Almost Here!

And we are going toHIITyou with a special treat …

Hot HIIT classes on Wednsday nights at 6:30!

During the 30-Day Challenge, our regular B60 class on Wednesday nights at 6:30 will be a no-extra-cost HIIT class! The first HIIT class will be Feb 1st.

And our teacher ….


Charelle Anderson Grgas

Hot HIIT practice is a natural compliment to 360 Yoga’s current method of movement. This practice burns fat and creates long, lean muscle mass, with rapid results. HIIT provides a high-intenstity workout, but without high impact on the body. It’s done on the mat, with no extra equipment needed — and it’s FUN! Charelle’s peppy, encouraging instruction is paired with upbeat, energetic music, making this class a fun-full-body fat-burn! Charelle is committed to sharing this effective, fun, safe and challenging workout class for all ages and body types. Come try Cherelle’s class during our CHALLENGE-MONTH on Wednesdays at 6:30PM!

More about Charelle … She moved to Mount Pleasant eighteen months ago, with her husband and two boys.  She is originally from Westchester, NY, where her Yoga foundation and her journey began. Charelle has a strong ballet background, having studied at The School of American Ballet at the Juilliard Building in New York City.  Her extensive ballet training has contributed to her discipline, posture and form. Charelle’s passion for wellness, coupled with her love for helping others, were deciding factors that motivated Charelle to enroll in a teacher- training program.  That course led to her certification as a Hot HIIT Instructor in November 2021. Charelle believes that “through consistent practice, you will gain both strength and flexibility, increase neuromuscular control, achieve better posture & cardiovascular endurance, all while improving circulation throughout your body.”

Please plan to join us for HIIT class with Charelle on Wednesday nights during the February 30-Day Challenge.

1st HIIT class is Feb 1 at 6:30 pm