January brings more students to class, and we want to maximize your chance of getting into the class you want! Always sign up for class on the MindBody App to ensure you have a spot. You can sign up 7 days in advance. If you cannot make a class you have scheduled, please cancel via the App as soon as you can. You must cancel your class at least 4 hours before class to avoid a penalty. If you “late cancel” or “no-show” for class, you will be charged a $15 penalty. The last thing we want to do is charge you a fee! This system is meant to incentivize attendance responsibility so that someone on the waiting list may take class. So, help out your fellow yogi and free-up your space if you are not attending a scheduled class.
We have removed the tape markers on the floor, but class size is still somewhat limited to prevent over-crowding. The front row accommodates 10 spaces; the middle and back rows accommodate 11 each. This ensures proper spacing from side to side.
Please place your mat so that the black line on the floor cuts your mat in half. Position your feet in the middle of your mat, so that your feet are in line with the black line on the floor. This ensures proper spacing from front to back.
We are looking forward to another fabulous year with you at 360 Yoga Charleston! You are never too out of shape, too stiff, too broken, or too anything(!), to come to class and start again. We will welcome you with sincere gratitude and enthusiasm, and help you feel better with a great class!