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News Concerning the Downtown Bikram Charleston Studio

Dear Bikram Practitioners,

The previous owners of Bikram Yoga Charleston have permanently closed the downtown studio. As the new studio owner, this is my first opportunity to share this unfortunate news. I am tremendously disappointed by this situation.

During May and June of this year, I had been negotiating with the previous studio owners to purchase both locations, Mt. Pleasant and Downtown. It was my intention to own and direct the yoga studios at both locations indefinitely. READ MORE >>

Hanna Dodson Announces Ownership of Bikram Yoga Charleston

I am excited to tell you that, as of today, I am the new owner and director of Bikram Yoga Charleston. Things are about to change around here.

I want to improve your entire experience at the yoga studio. My staff and I are driven by the following core values: Kindness; Service; and Family. We plan to make Bikram Yoga Charleston a place that welcomes and cares for you, a place where you love to practice, and a place where you are excited to bring your friends. READ MORE >>