Report on the Posture Workshop Last Weekend

In a word, awesome. Nikki and Jesse held a 3 hour Posture Workshop last Saturday, and it was a tremendous success. We all gathered in a relaxed session of posture descriptions and examples and key points. We learned a ton, and it was fun. Nikki and Jesse shared their knowledge, their love of Bikram yoga and their wit – entertaining us with quirky parts of the dialogue and other oddities.

Some stand-outs: “Fire is your friend.” We don’t want to acknowledge this unfortunate idea, somewhere in the 3rd part of Awkward, but, alas, it’s true. You’ve got to make it burn to build strength and endurance. “Shoulders are ear poison,” in Pranayama, Hands to Feet, Rabbit, you name it. Shoulders up around the ears = increased tension. “If, then” postures, emphasizing the importance of going step by step in, for example Standing Forehead to Knee — first lock the knee. If knee is locked, then grab the foot. If knee locked and have foot, then kick out, etc. And my overall favorite, “There is never a perfect posture … There is always someplace you can go.” True in yoga; true in life.

Thank you, Nikki and Jesse, for providing this experience and bringing a new understanding to our practices.

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