4 SUNDAYS IN A ROW:  Oct. 24    Oct. 31    Nov. 7    Nov. 14
6:30 – 7:45 pm  With Lisa Hudd
We hope you will join us for this special offering:
4 Yin and Nidra Classes.$80 
(You may give a class to a friend if you can’t make it)
$25 Single Class if space is available
Relax and Recharge with Our Candlelight Yin and Nidra 
Come and relax with candlelight while you recharge your mind and body with Yin yoga deep tissue stretches.  Slow down and go deeper into the full body, opening up tight joints and increasing your mobility.  Then move from deep stretching into a full mind and body Nidra resting meditation.  Come out floating on air, rested and recharged.
Balance the Body with Yin Yoga
Do you have tight hips, wake up with a stiff back, or lower back pain?  Are you actively exercising but find you struggle to deepen your skills and postures?  You might find that your exercise is all Yang, or muscular based, and not enough Yin, which is deep tissue focused.  You’re not alone.  Most of us need to balance our Yang with more Yin.
What is Yin Yoga?
Yin yoga is the lesser known counterpart to an active Yang yoga practice.  Yang yoga includes active yoga postures that are about engaging, strengthening, and compressing muscle tissues. Think Hot 26&2 or Vinyasa Flow.  The focus is in creating balance and strength. 
Yin yoga focuses on the other half of our tissues, the deeper connective tissues.  Think white tissues like ligaments, tendons, fascia. These tissues should be hydrated and elastic for a healthy body. They should “slide and glide,” allowing us comfortable mobility. As we age, these are the tissues that become stiffer and decrease our mobility.  Yin Yoga is about focusing on deep tissue stretching and compressing for healthy joints and mobility.
Both Yin and Yang yoga bring a sense of mindful focus and lead to relaxation. Both are powered collaboratively with our breath. However, Yin yoga guides us to stretch in passive postures, allowing softening, strengthening and hydration of the deep tissues. 
The Yin and Yang practices work together in a necessary balance.  If muscles are very strong, but connective tissues are stiff, this leads to tightness and injuries at a deep tissue level. If deep tissues are open and loose but muscles are weak, this can lead to over stretching of muscles and, again, injuries can occur.
Solution? Create your Yin-Yang beautiful body balance. Keep your body working in harmony by bringing the elements that you need.