First Free month winner: alaina clark

Congratulations, Alaina! Alaina won a free month yoga, just by bringing a new student to our beautiful studio. YOU could be the next winner!
How? We have coupons in the studio. Write your name in the space provided and give the coupon to a friend. Your friend gets a FREE CLASS, and your name goes into a drawing for a FREE MONTH OF UNLIMITED CLASSES.
We want you to bring a new student to Bikram classes, Flow classes and/or Yin classes. We are always striving to bring new people to our studio — especially in the summer months when class sizes seem to shrink. Please bring a friend for free and help us stay vibrant!
Share what you love, and get the chance to win big!
Do you have classes but have run out of time? Now is the time to get back into the studio! Come in by June 30th, and we will EXTEND the time on your expired package for the next 30 days! No questions; No reasons needed. We just want to encourage you to maintain you practice goals all summer — So don’t hesitate and don’t miss this one-time offer! Come to class with no worries. You know you will be glad you did.

Labor Day Schedule & FREE Work Shop for Flow Class

Monday 9/3: 6:30am Cancelled
9:30am: ON (Bikram 90 min.)
11:15 Yin: ON (Yin and Nidra, 75 min.)
5:15pm: ON (Bikram 60 min.)
6:30pm Cancelled
(Saturday 9/1 and Sunday 9/2: Normal Schedule)
Introducing … 
“Bikram Flow”
Bikram Flow is a brand-new class coming to Bikram Yoga Charleston! And, we are introducing it with a free work shop
on Saturday, Sept. 15, at 10:30. The work shop will run approximately 2 – 2.5 hours and will take you through all the postures and flow transitions in sequence.
Space for the work shop will be limited, so please sign up at the studio as soon as possible.
In the new Bikram Flow class, you will recognize the Bikram holds within a moving series incorporating plank work, chaturanga, downward dog, warrior, sun salutations and more. This is a challenging class that you are going to love! Classes will run 60 to 75 minutes.
Bikram Flow classes will be on the New & Improved Regular Schedule starting Monday, Sep. 16th! (New schedule to be published very soon.)
Will Regular Classes be Dropped? No, no, and no. We are first and foremost a Bikram Yoga studio, and Bikram classes will continue to dominate the schedule. We will never abandon the 26 & 2 series. As with our Yin classes, the Bikram Flow classes will be offered in addition to our regular classes you know and love.


Bikram Yoga Charlflag-requestssmalleston
is Honoring
Veterans Gratitude Week

All classes Friday/Saturday/Sunday

Donation & Gratitude Class
Friday, 4:30
All Proceeds to Veterans Yoga Project

Bikram Yoga Charleston is located just off the Isle of Palms Connector in the Seaside Farms Shopping area, 1973 Riviera Drive, Mt. Pleasant. Find us online at or at 843.884.373


Veteran’s Day is November 11


Bikram Yoga Charleston is partnering with Veterans Yoga Project as part of a national fundraising and awareness-raising event. On November 11, 12 and 13, Bikram Yoga Charleston will be offering free classes and a Donation Class in support of Veterans Gratitude Week. The goal is to support the Veterans Yoga Project, which provides services to promote recovery and resilience among veterans, their families and our communities.

Veterans Yoga Project is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the health and well-being of military veterans. The Project partners with various research groups studying the effects of yoga on recovery and mental resilience. Clinical studies have shown that yoga and meditation provide significant benefits in trauma recovery. Bikram Yoga Charleston is proud to support Veterans Gratitude Week by offering:

Friday, Nov. 11: FREE Yoga Classes at Military at 6:30 am, 8:30 am and 10:30 am

Saturday, Nov. 12: FREE Yoga Classes for Military at 8:30 am and 10:30 am

Sunday, Nov. 13: FREE Yoga Classes for Military at 8:30 am, 10:30 am and 4:30 pm

The Veterans Yoga Project is on a mission to support the mindful use of yoga therapy to aid recovery and resilience among veterans, their families and their communities. “I’ve been doing this for a while, and in my experience nothing helps veterans with recovery and resilience more effectively than yoga and mindfulness practice. The transformations that we’ve helped support are nothing less than miraculous. I’ve seen veterans turn resentment and anger into connection and acceptance, insomnia into deep restful sleep, physical debilitating pain into easy, pain-free movement”, said Dr. Daniel Libby, Executive Director of the Veterans Yoga Project.
Nearly 3 million men and women have served in the military since Sept 11, 2001. Approximately half of these service members are dealing with posttraumatic stress, chronic pain, depression and/or anxiety. In addition there are approximately 12 million living veterans from previous conflicts also still in the process of recovery from the wounds of war. By providing yoga teacher training programs, practice resources for veterans, and healing retreats, Veterans Yoga Project has supported the recovery and resilience-building process of thousands of military veterans and their family members.
Bikram Yoga Charleston is a proud supporter of the Charleston area veterans and military. “We are excited to be the first yoga studio In South Carolina to join Veterans Yoga Project and provide services during Gratitude Week. For our local military members and veterans, please come and enjoy free yoga on Veteran’s Day and all weekend. To support the Project, come to practice and donate at our Donation Class November 11. If you cannot make it to class, please go on-line and make a donation at” Hannah Dodson, owner of Bikram Yoga Charleston.

FREE Yoga for Veterans

NO commitment, No fees of any kind.

Bikram Yoga Charleston, in Seaside Farms, Mt. Pleasant, would like to honor all local Veterans. For the week surrounding Veteran’s Day, Nov. 8-14, the studio is offering FREE YOGA TO VETERANS. ALL CLASSES, from Sunday through Saturday are available for this offer. READ MORE >>