Memorial Day Schedule and FREE Classes for Military

MEMORIAL DAY is coming up on May 30. 

At 360 Yoga, we value and appreciate the sacrifices of our military members and their families. We would like to offer FREE CLASSES to all military personnel, past and present, and their family members, on this special day. No reservation necessary, just show up and let us honor you.

We will be offering 3 classes on Memorial Day,

Monday, May 30th:

8:30 Bikram 90 min.

10:30 Bikram 60 min.

5:15 Bikram 60 min.

Please tell your military friends about this opportunity, and help us honor those who serve in our armed forces.

Live Stream Classes on Zoom

Hello, dear students, we miss you! And we have been developing ways to deliver yoga to you at home during this very strange time.
Live Stream Classes will Begin Thursday 3/26
Classes will be free until April 1st. (All Autopay payments have been frozen.)
Class price will be $5 per class starting April 1.
We will connect with you for class using
Please go to and create a free account, then it will be a snap to join our
Yoga-at-Home classes.
Bikram 75 classes will be zoomed to you at 12:15 on Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat and Sun.
Flow Classes: 12:15 on Tues and Thurs.
Yin Classes: 1:45 on Mon, Wed and Fri.
Please sign up and purchase A Single Class ($5) on your MindBody account at least 1 hour before class.
You will receive an email with a link inviting you to class — it’s that simple!
You will be able to see and hear the instructor and vice versa. You will also have options to hide your own video or mute yourself.
Tips for a Great Class
If you are signed up for class, within 30 min of class time you will receive an email from Click on the link to join the class.
Bikram and Flow: Get warmed up before class starts with a 10 min power walk or other activity that gets your muscles as warm as possible.
Use a space heater in a small room to bring up the temperature.
Practice in a small room with a mirror — a bathroom is ideal: its small, has a mirror, counter for your device, and you can run the hot shower for a few minutes to raise the humidity.
Yin & Nidra: Make sure you have adequate space and a comfortable mat/towel.
Gather some props, such as a firm pillow, rolled up towel, or your own blocks. Also something that can serve as a yoga strap such as a belt, rope or dog leash!
Classes on YouTube
Bet you didn’t know we had a YouTube channel! Well, we do, and it has some pre-recorded classes that you can use to lead you through your own private practice. On the “360 Yoga Charleston” channel, you will find a Bikram 60 class, a relaxing Nidra class, and a Flow class is coming soon. If you are looking for a great Bikram 90 class, let us point you to Esak Garcia’s class, also on YouTube.
We invite you to reconnect with your 360 community with our Zoom and Youtube Classes. We will try our best to keep you moving and engaged during quarantine!
For some help with Zoom here is a link for a tutorial video:
Join a Meeting

First Free month winner: alaina clark

Congratulations, Alaina! Alaina won a free month yoga, just by bringing a new student to our beautiful studio. YOU could be the next winner!
How? We have coupons in the studio. Write your name in the space provided and give the coupon to a friend. Your friend gets a FREE CLASS, and your name goes into a drawing for a FREE MONTH OF UNLIMITED CLASSES.
We want you to bring a new student to Bikram classes, Flow classes and/or Yin classes. We are always striving to bring new people to our studio — especially in the summer months when class sizes seem to shrink. Please bring a friend for free and help us stay vibrant!
Share what you love, and get the chance to win big!
Do you have classes but have run out of time? Now is the time to get back into the studio! Come in by June 30th, and we will EXTEND the time on your expired package for the next 30 days! No questions; No reasons needed. We just want to encourage you to maintain you practice goals all summer — So don’t hesitate and don’t miss this one-time offer! Come to class with no worries. You know you will be glad you did.

Labor Day Schedule & FREE Work Shop for Flow Class

Monday 9/3: 6:30am Cancelled
9:30am: ON (Bikram 90 min.)
11:15 Yin: ON (Yin and Nidra, 75 min.)
5:15pm: ON (Bikram 60 min.)
6:30pm Cancelled
(Saturday 9/1 and Sunday 9/2: Normal Schedule)
Introducing … 
“Bikram Flow”
Bikram Flow is a brand-new class coming to Bikram Yoga Charleston! And, we are introducing it with a free work shop
on Saturday, Sept. 15, at 10:30. The work shop will run approximately 2 – 2.5 hours and will take you through all the postures and flow transitions in sequence.
Space for the work shop will be limited, so please sign up at the studio as soon as possible.
In the new Bikram Flow class, you will recognize the Bikram holds within a moving series incorporating plank work, chaturanga, downward dog, warrior, sun salutations and more. This is a challenging class that you are going to love! Classes will run 60 to 75 minutes.
Bikram Flow classes will be on the New & Improved Regular Schedule starting Monday, Sep. 16th! (New schedule to be published very soon.)
Will Regular Classes be Dropped? No, no, and no. We are first and foremost a Bikram Yoga studio, and Bikram classes will continue to dominate the schedule. We will never abandon the 26 & 2 series. As with our Yin classes, the Bikram Flow classes will be offered in addition to our regular classes you know and love.


Bikram Yoga Charlflag-requestssmalleston
is Honoring
Veterans Gratitude Week

All classes Friday/Saturday/Sunday

Donation & Gratitude Class
Friday, 4:30
All Proceeds to Veterans Yoga Project

Bikram Yoga Charleston is located just off the Isle of Palms Connector in the Seaside Farms Shopping area, 1973 Riviera Drive, Mt. Pleasant. Find us online at or at 843.884.373