The New FLOW and B60 Classes start This Week!

New FLOW CLASS Mondays at Noon


New B60 Class Wednesdays at 6:30

Many of you have been asking for more classes during the busier winter months. In response, we will be offering these classes for January and February, starting Monday, Jan. 2.



The January Warm-Up

To begin the season, we will be taking the month of January to “warm-up” for the 30-Day Yoga Challenge in February. The idea is to add at least one class to your normal routine for each successive week in January. It might go like this: 2 classes the first week; 3 classes the second week; and so on. The Warm-Up starts on the first day of the year! So get your mind ready to embark on upping your yoga game! We will have a huge chart in the lobby where you can put your name up and keep track of every class your take. We are offering a SALE on a One Month Unlimited Pass for the January Warm-Up. $30 OFF Normal Price for all the yoga you can do!

And then …

The February Challenge :

What is the February CHALLENGE? 

The “challenge” is to complete as many classes as you can in 30 days. Participation is FREE. This year’s challenge allows you to set your own goal for the 30 days starting Monday, January 30. What is a challenge for you — 3 classes per week? 20 classes in 30 days? Or 30 in 30!! Pick a number that challenges you! You may also take advantage of the SALE during the Challenge.

When Does it Start? 

The 30 Day Challenge starts Monday, January 30th, and runs through Tuesday, Feb 28th. 

Why do the Challenge? 

This is an incredible way to start the New Year, to put your fitness resolutions into action, and to bring a focused goal to your practice. Take these 30 days to build a healthy body from the inside out, and create some consistent, healthy habits for 2023. 

Challenge SALE on classes: 

To encourage you to join the January Warm-Up, and/or the February Yoga Challenge, we are offering:

1 Month (30 days) Unlimited package for $130 $30 OFF — 

Use this package for either month, OR, 

For an Amazing Deal on Both Months,


* Your current class package will pause during the Challenge period, 

and resume afterward *

SIGN UP on the Challenge Posters in the lobby (coming soon): Put your name up and place a sticker in the box for each day you complete a class. It is motivating, fun, and keeps you accountable! 

Please join us for the January Warm-Up and the February Challenge!